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The Philidor Files - Christian Bauer

The Philidor Files - Christian Bauer
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After White plays 1.e4, the most popular opening move in chess at all levels, Black usually responds with The Philidor. It is a opening which has won a lot of its popularity over the last decade, with famous spokesman as Nisipeanu and French’s number one Bacrot. The Philidor is the opening in the most famous chess game ever, the Opera Box Game, which took place in 1858 between the American Grandmaster Morphy and two strong German amateurs. One of its major advantages lays in the fact the Philidor garantees a great flexibility- Black can even choose between two opening moves. Besides that the Philidor suites a wide variety of playing styles.

Christian Bauer, well known as a Philidor expert, shows in this book what you should know and expect from this opening. He reveals the secrets behind this popular and fascinating opening. With classical Philodor games and his own experience, Bauer identifies the critical main lines and the tricky sidelines. Not to forget, he provides for both White and Black an overview of tactical and strategic moves and ideas, making this book the mast have for chess players who want to introduce the Philidor successfully in their own games.

*Comprehensive coverage of a provocative opening
*Packed with original analysis
*Ideal for club and tournament players

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