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Starting Out: The Colle - Richard Palliser

Starting Out: The Colle - Richard Palliser
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The Colle is a solid, reliable system of development based on the popular opening move 1 d4. Although this system is easy to learn and play, it leads to very complex and different middlegame positions. At this point White often launches a aggressive attack on Black’s king.

A few of the most famous chess players who are often spotted examining the Colle in action are the former World Championship Candidate Artur Yusupov and Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, who played to be the World Junior Champion twice. Next to those great names it is not extraordinary to see it at Grandmaster level and a lot among club players.

In this chess book Richard Palliser, International Master, will enlighten more of the Colle’s secrets. This book is a further addition to the best-selling Starting Out series but can surely be read separately. Palliser explains the fundamentals of the Colle as well as he shows moves and ideas for both Black and White which are not yet pointed out this understandable en ingenious in other lecture.
As a reader you’ll be guided throughout the text with notes, diagrams, tips, tricks and warnings about otherwise rarely noticeable charecteristics of the Colle and opening play in general. Starting Out: The Colle is a perfect guide for improving players and those new to this opening.

*Written by a Colle expert
*Concentrates on the basic principles of the openings
*Ideal for improvers, club players and tournament players

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