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Play the Caro-Kann - Jovanka Houska

Play the Caro-Kann - Jovanka Houska
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In response to white's first move 1.e4, the Caro-Kann Defence is one of the most reliable and yet dynamic options. It is therefore included in the repertoires of top grandmaster like Evgeny Bareev and Alexei Dreev and it has been former world champion Anatoly Karpov's black 'weapon' for more than two decades. The Caro-Kann can lead to both sharp tactical and quiet positional positions and that is the reason why it can be used to draw a stronger opponent or defeat an inferior opponent.

In this book, Jovanka Houska provides the reader with a satisfactory response to all white's tries to crack the Caro-Kann. She discusses the aggressive lines that occur in the 3.e5 variation, as well as the more quiet ideas in the main line with 3.Nc3. If you like to start your game with a solid setup and still be able to overplay your opponent, than you might want to try this book!

*Full coverage of the Caro-Kann Defence
*Ideal for players of all levels
*Easy-to-read and easy-to-remember

International Master Jovanka Houska has the exclusive right to call herself Britain's only female chess professional! She is also a young chess writer and chess publiscist. This is her first book for Everyman Chess.

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