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Play 1...Nc6! - Christoph Wisnewski

Play 1...Nc6! - Christoph Wisnewski
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Are you constantly struggling with the black pieces? Canít make up your mind which openings to play? Are you looking for something new: an all-in-one solution to your problems? Look no further!

Christoph Wisnewski provides every chess enthusiastic with an aspiring and all-embracing repertoire for Black, based on the initial move 1...Nc6, against every main line opening White can play.

In this book the most attention will be go to the Chigorin Defence and the equally brilliant Nimzowitsch Defence. Each with a great spokesman; Russian Grandmaster Alexander Morozevich and Britainís first Grandmaster: Tony Miles.

Wisnewski uncovers the secrets behind 1...Nc6 as he discovered from years of playing high-level chess which rewarded him with a remarkable succesrate and some notable Grandmaster scalps.

Wisnewski unravels both the main lines as the tricky sidelines, and so provides thorough concepts for both White and Black. Reading this book will ensure you playing 1...Nc6 with skill and great new knowledge of yet another great chess opening.

Great about this chess opening book:
*Coverage of a dynamic repertoire for Black
*Written by a 1...Nc6 expert
*Deals with all of Whiteís main openings

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