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Improve your chess in 7 days - Gary Lane

Improve your chess in 7 days
  • Publisher: Batsford

  • Published: 2007/07

  • Edition: Paperback

  • ISBN: 0713490500


In the chess world, there are the few—the dedicated, competitive experts—and the many, the millions of social players who are totally unaware of chess theory. Now there’s a quick and easy way to bridge the gap. In just one week, the unschooled player will gain access to the principles that guide the masters: On the first day, the basic concepts of strategy and tactics are introduced. On the second, the reader learns some of the more popular openings and the ideas behind them. And so on, until, by the seventh day, the rapidly advancing student will be able to pull off sophisticated swindles! Illustrated with sidesplitting cartoons, it’s a quick, entertaining, and extraordinarily direct road to chess mastery.
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