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Discovering Chess Openings - John Emms

Discovering Chess Openings - John Emms
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“A good begin is half the work”, an old Dutch proverb, points out exactly what is so important in chess: the opening, where a great part of the entire game is decided. Opening strategy and knowledge is vital. So what’s to do? Simply memorize the countless openings?

Fortunately not. John Emms, famous for his writing and his play, comes with a great book in which he shows that controlling and studying chess openings doesn’t have to be a pain; it can be pleasant and enjoyable. In stead of learning lines, Emms explains that the essence of good opening play lays in the understanding of basic principals. And even better, he teaches how to.

In Discovering Chess Openings: Building Opening Skills from Basic Principles you will be guided by Grandmaster John Emms and examine the most critical topics: swift development, central control and protecting the king.

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