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Dangerous Weapons: The French - John Watson

Dangerous Weapons: The French - John Watson
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Are you tired of having to keep up with main line theory all the time? Do you hate to lose games from inferior opponents who use a Grandmaster novelty on move 20? Are you in for something fresh and new? Than this is your book!

John Watson, an International Master from the United States, uses a whole new approach to the well known French Defence. Instead of covering all the main lines and explaining the last novelties at grandmaster level, Watson introduces a great number of unexplored and interesting side-lines. All these variations have one thing in common, they are very dangerous for your opponent! This time you will be the one in charge and your opponent will have to use all his skills to keep the game together!

*New, unexplored lines in the French Defence
*Interesting ideas combined with extensive analyses
*No more suprises for you in the opening

International Master John Watson is a professional writer of chess books and has many Everyman Chess titles on his name. He is well known for his creative chess.

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