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Beating Unusual Chess Openings - Richard Palliser

Beating Unusual Chess Openings - Richard Palliser
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1.e4 and 1.d4, the main two White’s openings. The most played and known openings in chess, but: don’t you want to play exotic chess? Aren’t you tired of the same old routine? Don’t you want to be able to see through a bizarre opening like the Ornag-utan when faced upon? Especially for those players Richard Palliser comes with the great Beating Unusual Chess Openings.

In this book Palliser will demonstrate, describe and examine respectable openings such as the English Opening, Réti and King’s Indian Attack, but also the offbeat (Nimzo-Larsen Attack, Bird’s Opening) and the totally bizarre (Orang-utan, Grob); everything Black needs to know about facing unusual openings is covered within these pages.

Richard Palliser does a great job in listing all of White’s possibilities, pointing out strengths and weaknesses and providing a great overview of a reliable and practical repertoire for Black. After reading this book you will be able to see key strategies, tactics, moves and positions and be loaded with enough knowledge to face the exotic openings with confidence.

*Everything you need to know about facing unusual openings
*Written by an openings expert
*Ideal for improvers, and club and tournament players

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